She is EXCEPTIONAL! I am so in awe at her every day. Seriously one of the nicest, most professional people we have dealt with in a long time. Her love for the kids, her excitement for their progress is unparalleled. I think we are going to go thru withdrawals when we are done with ISR. We thoroughly enjoy our time everyday with her. I am just in awe at our son’s progress and how committed she is to making him succeed. Kameron is only 8 months old and he is floating! So blessed to have found her! We’re going to have to come back and see her or have more babies we can put thru the program. She is truly a gem!

My child has gained more skills in two weeks with Colleen than in 9 months of traditional swim lessons.

Colleen is absolutely amazing! She has such a calming voice and is so good with all of her students.

Colleen Haas is very knowledgeable with what she does.  I can ask questions and she always has an answer for me.

Colleen does an amazing job. She is encouraging and communicates so well with the kids. In just week two my two year old would float to the surface to rescue herself after being gently flipped upside down in the water. It was amazing to see, and so comforting knowing the progress they are making only half way through the program. I am beyond excited to see what my girls can accomplish by the end, and I can breathe easy knowing they are safe around the water because of ISR.

I’m so pleased with ISR and our instructor, Colleen Haas, that I would never take my children anywhere else. The level of education that my three young boys have received is amazing! I’m also very impressed with the education that Colleen instills me with. After a session of lessons, I know much more about my baby’s powerful little body! Colleen communicates with us in a way that makes us feel like we’re her only clients.  My kids know without a doubt that she loves them and look forward to seeing her each year. As far as swim lessons go, there is no other worthwhile option. That’s what we tell our friends! Thanks Colleen and ISR!

Colleen was such an amazing instructor! The first week I was thinking how is my daughter going to learn while she is crying the whole time and only a 10 minute lesson. By week 2, I could not believe how much she had already learned. Week 6 when she was fully clothed with a jacket, pants, shirt, shoes and I watched her go in the water and go to her float, my heart was so happy. I had a niece almost drown a couple weeks ago and my best friend lost her little sister to drowning in high school. To know that my daughter and see her know how to rescue herself if she fell in water was just amazing!  Thank you!

I really appreciate that Colleen Haas pays attention to what each of my children needed (emotionally and physically) to be their best. She didn’t just go through the motions, but she knew what they needed to work on, when they needed a break, and when they needed some extra encouragement. We love her!

Colleen Haas is very professional. She shows love and caring to all of her students. We’re fortune to have had her in our lives the past 6 weeks.

Miss Colleen is a great swim instructor. She is great with my 15 month old as well as with my 3 yr old. Her expectations do not lower or change between her swimmers…they will all learn to swim.

Colleen Haas is very attentive to Teegan and reads her cues. She is always calm even when Teegan is screaming and remains very patient to her. She is directing the learning while allowing Teegan the ability to gain her confidence at her own level. I have been very impressed with lessons overall.  Colleen is great! She always does such a great job with my daughter and ensures her safety 100% of the time.  She is very encouraging, warm, and structured which has been a recipe for success. My daughter has not only gained survival skills but she has gained confidence in her swimming.  I am SO pleased with Colleen and ISR.

Colleen Haas is amazing and has a great skill with teaching ISR. I couldn’t be happier with her or the ISR program.

Colleen is amazing. She is so personable while being completely professional. It has been a life-changer for our family to be able to enjoy water activities together with our 2 year-old twins.

Colleen is so comfortable with the kids in the water she calms them and makes sure their skills are met with confidence.

Colleen made me feel very comfortable with putting my son in the water. She was knowledge and very kind.  But most importantly she successfully got my 15 month old to flip into a float on his own in 6 weeks.

We love Colleen Haas! We’ve been going to her for 7 years. My only regret is skipping last years’ lessons.

Colleen has been my children’s instructor for the past several years. I know she genuinely cares about how quickly they attain their skills while being very in tune with their individual needs and personalities. I am very thankful to have met Colleen and for the level of skill she has taught my daughters to be safe in the water.

The kids enjoy taking refresher courses every year from Colleen. She is so great with the kids and always helps with the parents and kids fear. We are lucky we found her. Colleen is the best, she is very patient, professional, stern but sweet, the kids adore her.

Colleen has been a very valuable asset to our family. She has taught three of my children ISR. They are so confident in the water and it makes me feel so good to know they can save themselves if the situation arises.

Colleen Haas is a great instructor. She makes sure we are aware of what is going on during lessons and keeps everyone calm. She is great with communication and gets back to us very quickly if she isn’t available to talk when I call.

Colleen Haas has been incredible with our daughter and is so creative in saying new things to help ease her anxiety during lessons. After 10 years as a firefighter and having worked in the ICU of a Childrens Hospital, I have seen first hand the positive outcomes of why swimming is so important at a young age. So impressed!

Colleen Haas does a fantastic job taloring the instruction to the needs of the individual. She is the reason our next son will be in ISR training once he turns 6 months old.

I can tell that Colleen is very sensitive to my son’s needs, and he has responded to her positively and trusts her. I appreciate her ability be consistent and my son has made a lot of progress in his first 3 weeks in the program. I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen thus far, and my son continues to love being in the water (despite his whining).

I couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll my son in ISR with Colleen Haas! My daughter had lessons with her but we started her at an earlier age, and I can see the benefit of starting them at a younger age (my son was 13 months when he started). Colleen has a gift working with children in this capacity.

Colleen Haas is great with Karson! Karson is learning very quickly and ISR has been a wonderful experience so far. We are very happy we chose ISR and Colleen for our son.

I am simply amazed at the skills being taught and achieved after only 2 weeks. Excited to continue seeing the progress!

Colleen is really great at what she does and Tom is learning really quickly. We’re excited and very thankful.

Colleen Haas is an amazing instructor. She is very confident in her teaching and gains her students trust very quickly. Colleen understands that every child is different and caters to them individually. I am a new mother and since day one I have had no fear or concerns with my child’s care while he is with her. She not only helps the children feel comfortable but also the parents. I would recommend her to everyone! One thing I would like to add, is that I live in East Mesa, and there isn’t a single ISR instructor out there. I don’t mind the 15-20min drive to the lesson, however I can’t speak for all parents.

I am so excited, blessed, and relieved we were able to do ISR for both our sons with Colleen Haas! Seeing them complete their clothing tests and do amazing at them was a huge comfort. In addition, swimming with them now is so much more fun! They don’t have to just be held or sit on the steps/edge with us constantly watching them (we never used floaties etc). Now we can all have more fun together while also being safe. Already planning for and excited about refresher lessons before pool season next year!

Love, love, love Colleen! She was so awesome and patient with my son. She was so great with teaching me how I can continue working with him between maintenance lessons as well. 100% satisfied!

Colleen Haas has been an amazing instructor for my daughter, she was very patient with her and worked so well with her to make her feel comfortable in the water. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends and family that are interested in ISR.

>We have had a wonderful experience with ISR thanks to Colleen Haas. She is always so welcoming and calm with my son during lessons. We are extremely happy with our decision to do ISR and have been spreading the word to everyone we know!

Colleen Haas is a blessing. She was amazing to work with and engaged our entire family in the lessons. We love her!!!

We are very pleased with our instructor, Colleen Haas, for our two boys. She has made both them and us feel comfortable. I am happy with the open communication as well. She makes the whole process a joy and we are so impressed with our boys’ swim skills.

Colleen Haas is amazing! I tell all of the moms I know about her and how ISR is one of the best investments you can make.

Colleen is an awesome teacher and I have to say, my kids love to swim now and I can’t thank her enough for that. She ROCKS!

We love Colleen Haas! She is a fabulous and has a genuine passion for the work she does. She has given our family the greatest gift by gracefully teaching our children the skills needed to love and respect water.

Colleen Haas was really informative with information regarding my sons lessons. I felt very safe with her having my son in the water. I highly recommend Colleen to anyone in the area looking for safety swim. She did an amazing job!

I am so grateful for Colleen Haas and the ISR program.  It was absolutely amazing to watch my 6 month old baby Emma rolling onto her back from afacedown position in the water!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how automatic rolling onto her back became for her.  She wasn’t even crawling, yet she could save herself from drowning.  What a miracle to witness!  I took her back to Colleen after she turned one to to learn how to  incorporate swimming with her float.  She was a champ swimmer at just one year old!  She came two more years for her refreshers when she was two and three years old.  She is now swimming the length of the pool keeping up with her big brother and sister.  She begs us to go swimming everyday!

Colleen also taught my older daughter Sarah the swim float swim technique.  At four years old she was swimming the full length of the pool while using her freestyle stroke stopping to breath using the floating technique.  I would recommend Colleen and the ISR program to anyone with children or grandchildren.  These lessons have been absolutley invaluable to my family.


Hi Colleen,

We took the kids to visit their grandparents in Tucson to swim for a couple of days at their club pool.  People were stunned at Griffyn’s swimming, floating and diving!  He totally stole the show.  Maezy was diving for dive sticks but Griffyn was just showing off, and not really knowing what ruckus he was creating!  Griffyn is only two and has the confidence and skills of most five year olds.  Their were about five other little kids at the pool with their parents and they were all wearing life perservor vests just staring at him in amazement!  It was a great mom moment!
Thank you so much,
Sharon, Maezy 5, and Griffyn 2


Thank you for teaching our 15-month old son, Marcus, how to swim. We always felt comfortable with your teaching style and your constant reassurance. Your encouragement made it easy for

us to trust you and for Marcus to become a proficient and happy swimmer. We think ISR is a valuable resource for all parents who are not just interested in their child’s safety, but also for their confidence and enthusiasm for the water. ISR is unique in its step-by-step approach in swimming and laid a great foundation for our son. We can hardly keep Marcus out of the pool now. Everyday he builds on what you have taught him and he is becoming an even stronger swimmer. Thank you again for always making us feel welcome and for teaching Marcus how to be safe and confident around water. We look forward to our refresher course in the spring.
Nathan and Jackie Campbell

Dear Colleen,

I wanted to let you know that Addy was in Tucson this weekend staying with my in-laws.  She was helping her Opa clean something near the pool.  She backed up too far and fell in wearing her pajamas and shoes.  Opa told us that she came right up into her float!  It was hard for me to hear this news and be far away not being there when it happened.  Of course the more overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for having her in your program trumps anything else.  I am so glad we did ISRand I had no idea the we would encounter an accident like this so soon.  I know it must have really helped Addy too because she knew what to do instead of freaking out and being traumatized from it.  I can’t thank you enough.

My daughter learned how to come up out of the water into a float on her back with no assistance.  No matter how the stimulation of the fall happened she did this consistently.  This experience was truly an amazing one to watch.  I watched my daughter on the first day wanting to put her hands and feet up to her mouth and by the end she floated like a starfish!  This class taught both her and I so much about survival skills in the water.
Colleen was a wonderful teacher and my one year old Annabelle still considers Colleen her friend when she looks at her trophy with pride.  We will be looking forward to our swim and float lessons in the Spring.

Kimberly Brewer